Leave your mark on Arcadia's campus!

Arcadia alumni, parents and students are invited to make an indelible mark on the Arcadia University campus.

The history of Arcadia University is an ongoing story, written by the students, graduates, and community members who have contributed to its life and legacy. Since 1853, Arcadia has been defined by the journeys of perseverance, discovery, and triumph through which students have grown as scholars and leaders and have graduated prepared to serve their communities and professions with distinction. Their successes, both within the boundaries of Arcadia’s campus and beyond, are Arcadia’s purpose and the true measure of its achievement.

Today, as students continue on their own educational journeys, they travel along the Walk of Pride—a path that winds through the interior of campus from Grey Towers Castle to the Wishing Well. Commemorating the generations of students and alumni who also have walked this path, the Walk of Pride is lined with the names of students and graduates as a lasting reminder of their achievements, presence, and accomplishments here.

With a contribution of $100, you can add a name to the Walk of Pride, forever embedding it in the treasured history and beautiful campus of Arcadia University. Half of your contribution will cover the cost of purchasing, engraving and installing a paver, and, when needed, a replacement paver. The remaining half of your contribution represents a non-refundable, tax-deductible gift to the University that will help with the long-term maintenance of The Walk of Pride.

Be a part of Arcadia's treasured history by placing your name or a student's name on the Walk of Pride. If you have questions, please contact The Fund For Arcadia at fundforarcadia@arcadia.edu or by calling 215-572-8513.