Presidential Message: Celebrating 20 Years as Arcadia University

By Connor Fogel | July 15, 2021

President Ajay Nair
Celebrating 20 Years as Arcadia University

Friday, July 16

Today marks 20 years as Arcadia University, which builds upon our 168-year-history of Beaver Female Seminary, Beaver College and Musical Institute, and Beaver College. Each iteration of this storied institution has made remarkable strides, advancing us to where we are today—venturing beyond what we ever thought was possible to serve humanity.

Many of you have been members of this University community for more than 20 years, and many are part of legacy families that extend for generations. Others have been part of Arcadia for less than two decades. We are united by our shared values and ambitions; the transformative opportunities that we create, provide, and enjoy; and the bold vision and pioneering spirit that we trace back to the first two women who strived to be educated and graduate from our institution, Sylvania Jones and Juliet A. Poundstone. 

Today, we continue to dream as big as those who had the vision in the 19th and 20th centuries of the value of education, the importance of our institution, and what it—and we—could be. We must also remember that our actions each day not only contribute to this history, but also shape it.

Indeed, we are emerging from an historic year. Our incoming students will look back in 20 years as Arcadia alumni and remember their post-pandemic experience, and how they strived to be together again. As we return in person this fall semester, we must answer: What will this academic year yield? What will we do now to shape the next chapter of Arcadia’s history? How can we be a reflection of the world that we want to live in?

Let us honor the legacy of those who have led us to this point. The University will host community-wide events throughout this fall to celebrate 20 years of Arcadia University, including our Convocation on August 27, Rock the Knight on September 9, and our Homecoming Weekend starting October 8. We will bring our community together to share stories in celebration and venture toward another era of excellence.