Impact of COVID-19 on Study Abroad FAQs

By Ashley Hope Knueppel | July 31, 2020

Can I apply to study abroad in Spring, Summer or Fall 2022?  

Yes.  Study abroad applications are open for 2022.  You can begin an application after meeting virtually or in person with your study abroad adviser.  

The first step in applying is meeting with a study abroad adviser.  Deadlines for Spring are typically early October. Deadlines for Summer and Fall are typically mid-March and mid-April for Fall.  Contact an adviser today to get started.  

Are all study abroad programs/destinations open for Spring, Summer or Fall 2022?

Students are welcome to apply to any approved program.  Based on your preferred program, some students should be prepared to complete a backup application. You can discuss backup options with your study abroad advisor.  

Travel abroad at any time requires you to be aware of the social and political atmospheres of their destination country and to apply common-sense precautions for health and safety while abroad. Travel abroad during this time requires an increased tolerance for ambiguity given the changing atmosphere surrounding COVID-19.

How are decisions being made about whether or not students can study abroad?

Our Health and Safety team in the U.S., along with our resident directors and overseas staff, are closely monitoring the conditions in each of our host countries as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves. Arcadia will only conduct on-site programs when it is reasonable to do so and we are confident the program can be completed abroad as planned. Our considerations include:

  • The ability for free movement in and out of the host country, as well as resumption of predictable flights

  • Status of community transmission of COVID-19, availability of testing, and contact tracing

  • Local governmental plans, recommendations and and progress toward reopening in each country

  • Government advisory levels and advice from our security assistance company, International SOS

Our teams are engaged in an extensive planning process to ensure we, and our partner employers, are prepared to offer students the most effective support possible in the new normal of living with COVID-19.

  • Programs will be designed to promote social distancing in line with local requirements.

  • We will have protocols in place to support students through two weeks of self-quarantine or isolation should it be required at any time during the semester. This support will include food delivery, online course access, etc.

  • Student events and excursions will be delivered online, as needed.

  • We will increase the frequency of scheduled professional cleaning for all Arcadia buildings as needed and determined by local professional guidelines. 

Yes, Arcadia offers a broad variety of virtual internship placements, from social media assignments for businesses and web content creation, to providing research to support business development projects or developing communication plans and content for non-profit organizations, and many more.

Students unable to travel may also consider Intern Philly.  This an opportunity to study away in Center City Philadelphia and complete an for-credit Internship.  The Intern Philly advisors and faculty match you to an internship placement based on your goals for exploring a career path, establishing a network in your desired professional field, and/or preparing for graduate or professional school.  You will roundout your schedule with courses that help you explore socially diversity, and culturally rich history in Philadelphia. 

If your program has been suspended or canceled on or before your program start date, and you have confirmed your participation, you have three options:

  • You may defer your application until a future semester.

  • You may apply for one of our internships. These for-credit opportunities are offered through our Virtual Global Internships, or Intern Philly.

  • You may choose to withdraw your application and receive a full credit for any deposits made.