#ArcadiaStrong: 12 Tips for Remote Learning

By Jen Retter | April 16, 2020

We asked our social media followers to share their remote learning tips: 


1. “Stick to a schedule/routine! Give yourself a break when you need it.”

2. “Self-motivation is huge. Do some work, and give yourself a reward.”

3. “Take breaks!”

4. “‘Get dressed’ for school work! It’ll help you differentiate relaxation vs. productivity.” 

5. “Take assignments one day at a time.” 

6. “Planners are the best!”


“Ever since coming to Arcadia, I have had an immense love for planners! During this tough time, it is very easy to become overwhelmed with course work and keeping up with your own self-care. My advice is to plan a lot or a little—whatever works for you—just give yourself some structure. Personally, I enjoy planning out when my assignments are due, when I have a Zoom lecture, and when I want to take five minutes to do something I enjoy, like watching Youtube videos or playing Uno with my sister. ⁣ ⁣ You can download planning apps, download and print a template, or buy one online, shipped straight to your house. The goal is to successfully get through the day, and still find time for yourself. You deserve academic success, and you deserve happiness. Make it happen!”⁣ ⁣ – Lashanna Bryant ’21, #BecauseArcadia blogger. Share your #remotelearning tips through our story Q&A!⁣ ⁣ #ArcadiaStrong #COVID19 #Coronavirus

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7. “Plan your breaks. It’s easy to work more than you realize (productivity then suffers). Use visual communication tools such as CloudApp, and keep human connections alive by creating ‘water cooler’ conversation moments.”

8. “Even though it’s not happening face-to-face, communication with your professor is key.”

9. “Instrumental music to keep the brain focused.”

10. “Force yourself to sit at a table or a desk.”

11. “Schedule a whole day for self-care. And make sure to practice mindfulness!”

12. “Don’t stress about the things you can’t control.”