From the College of Global Studies, March 4

By Daniel DiPrinzio | March 4, 2020
Dear Students, 

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, Arcadia University has published a thorough Frequently Asked Questions page on its website. We encourage all students to review it closely, along with the program and country-specific updates on our Coronavirus Updates Blog. These two pages will serve as a hub of information related to COVID-19 for all members of our community, and will be updated regularly. Please continue to look for emails from your Arcadia Center for additional updates and information related to your host city. 

We encourage all students to continue to take measures to prevent the spread of illness, and to carefully consider any personal travel plans. In consideration of the continued spread of the virus, we also wish to make all program participants aware of the following protocols that apply, effective immediately, to Arcadia-provided housing:

As shared in earlier messages, you should not travel to Italy or countries with a CDC Level Three Warning (Avoid Nonessential Travel). If you choose to travel to a country with a CDC Level Three warning against our advice, you are responsible for pursuing a 14-day self-quarantine upon return outside of your Arcadia-provided housing and at your own expense.

There are risks associated with the spread of the virus. Therefore, hosting guests travelling from CDC Level Three Warning countries (for example, students from cancelled study abroad programs in Italy) in Arcadia-provided housing is prohibited. 

You should be aware if your host country has established specific requirements for self-quarantine if you travel to coronavirus-affected locations. 

Violation of these newly established protocols may be considered a breach of the Arcadia Student Code of Conduct and a dismissible offense.

We understand the impact the outbreak of the coronavirus has had on your semester abroad. The implementation of these new protocols are part of Arcadia’s ongoing response to safely and appropriately navigate the situation for our entire university community.

Many of you have already met with your on-site Resident Director to discuss these updates and policy changes, others will be invited to meetings in the upcoming week. Please be in touch with the Arcadia Center staff if you have additional questions.


Maureen Gordon