COVID-19 Social Distancing and Minimization

By Maria Tanner | March 13, 2020
As the coronavirus pandemic progresses to our local area, Arcadia is working in consultation with health officials and offices on the best measures to take to prevent transmission of COVID-19. Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf urged citizens to “stay out of public places”; he hopes that social distancing will help our area avoid the “more serious problems” that “other places have experienced.”

The governor ordered the closure of all schools

, including pre-K, higher education, and private schools, stating that “by closing these facilities, we can control the spread of the disease. And we can redirect our public safety and health officials to where they’re needed most.” 

With state and county officials broadly advising to make social distancing a priority in mitigating the growing risk of transmitting the virus, Arcadia will move to minimize the number of individuals needed to maintain campus operations.

Supervisors should follow the instructions sent today by Human Resources to assist staff in working remotely and ensuring business continuity. This information should be completed by the close of business tomorrow, March 13. To the extent possible, all employees should work remotely beginning Friday, March 13 for two weeks, unless otherwise instructed by their supervisor. Most employees who have been deemed essential personnel and required to be on campus during this time period have already been notified. Your health and safety are our top priority; please do not come to campus unless absolutely necessary.   

The University will minimize public and large group gatherings and move services and activities to a virtual online space. All events scheduled from March 13 through April 5 should be canceled, rescheduled, or shifted to online platforms. Our move to all academic courses online until April 5 helps our students to stay home after the break and still finish their coursework and assignments.

Arcadia will always be home to students who need a place to stay; from now until April 5, limited housing will be available for students who have no other alternatives. Residential students have been sent a message and form to notify Residence and Commuter Life (, 215-572-4026) of the specific time frame they are planning to leave. 

  • International students and those with other travel restrictions or unique circumstances will be accommodated in residence halls beyond Sunday, March 15 at 5 p.m. Students have been sent a form that must be submitted to Residence Life.
  • We will continue to provide residential accommodations to students in need. 
  • Students can leave belongings in their room, though we encourage them to take important items with them. 
  • Students remaining on campus should limit gatherings and not host guests on campus to prevent transmission. 

Please continue to visit Arcadia’s coronavirus website frequently for updates.