Penn Partners Move to Oak Summit

By Caitlin T. Burns | April 11, 2019
Recently, Good Shepherd Penn Partners, which had previously been housed in the College of Health Sciences building, relocated its Penn Therapy & Fitness location to Oak Summit Apartments on 310 S. Easton Road.

A physical therapist clinic has existed in Arcadia’s Health Sciences Building since 1997, in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania Health Care System. The facility has served clients on campus and those in the community. Physical Therapy students have completed clinical education experiences in the clinic, staff have lectured and helped with clinical laboratories, and faculty have treated clients in the practice. The space’s 900 square feet limited opportunities for extensive collaboration between the clinic and Physical Therapy program. The new space will provide additional opportunities for Physical Therapy students and orthopaedic residents to participate in the clinic and provide opportunities for collaborative research.

Penn Therapy & Fitness Arcadia offers a full-range of therapy services, including orthopaedics, sports performance, TMD/jaw pain, cancer-related fatigue and more. The new 3,400 square foot space will enhance Penn Therapy & Fitness’ ability to provide the community with the most comprehensive, patient-centered care available.