Advanced Photography Students Win Awards

By Susan Gettlin | April 6, 2017

In his Photography III and IV courses, Prof. June Yong Lee assigns students to research organizations that host juried shows and publications, and asks students to submit photographs made during their classes. This provides students the learning opportunity to explore professional organizations and application processes, as well as see the possibilities for sharing their work with a wider audience beyond the classroom. For that assignment, Advanced Photography student and Biology major Savannah Bullinger ’17 and Photography major Alexandria Connors ’17 both submitted “Constructed Reality” photographs they made in a Photography II class the semester before. In the “Constructed Reality” assignment, each student was asked to create a scene for their photograph that illustrated their own reality. Students were free to set up any scenes they wanted, provided they paid attention to detail and effectively illustrated their story visually. 

Bullinger won the Student Photography category for Sleep in issue 44 of Creative Quarterly: The Journal of Art & Design and “2016 Top 25: Photography” in Creative Quarterly’s 100 Best Annual 2016. Connors was a runner up for Escape Artist in the Student Photography category in issue 44 of Creative Quarterly: The Journal of Art & Design. According to Creative Quarterly’s website, the journal “was founded in 2005 and has received numerous international awards and recognition for its design. It was recently named one of the top 100 art and design publications in the world. Publications are judged by an editorial staff of award-winning graphic designers and photographers.” While Prof. Lee is proud to encounter his students’ work in Creative Quarterly at a Barnes and Noble, he is most excited to see them find meaning for their work with a greater audience beyond the classroom. Congratulations, Savannah and Allie!