Arcadia Theater’s ‘Speech & Debate’ Reprised at National Festival; Wade and Deal ’17 Recognized for Excellence in Theater

By RetterJ | January 19, 2017

On Jan. 6, Arcadia University Theater reprised its fall production of Speech & Debate at the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Region II Festival (KCACTF). One of seven productions invited to perform at Montclair State University, Speech & Debate—by Tony Award-winning playwright Stephen Karam—featured original cast members Lindsay Deal ’17, Kristopher Karcher ’17, Daniel D’Albis ’17, Brenda Chavarria ’18, and Janine Silano ’19.

Led by Adjunct Professor and Speech & Debate Director Kevin Glaccum, the cast and crew transitioned the production from Spruance Fine Arts Center’s MainStage Theater to the 500-seat Alexander Kasser Theatre at Montclair— adjusting sets, restoring props and costumes, and enlisting the help of several campus units, from Facilities to Mail and Print.

Several original designers also returned to facilitate the production: Bianca Canosa ’18 (stage manager); Alyssa Pinkl ’18 (costume design); 2016 KCACTF Design Tech Management award winner Damien Figueras ’16 (sound design); Adjunct Professor Parris Bradley (set design); and Adjunct Professor Josh Schulman (lighting).

The cast’s back-to-back shows were met with standing ovations. For her stand-out performance as Diwata, Deal was recognized as Most Outstanding Actress in an Invited Production.

Additionally, Assistant Professor Mark Wade, artistic director and co-chair of Arcadia’s Theater Arts Program, received the Kennedy Center Region II Medallion for his commitment to continuing excellence in educational theater and upholding the goals and values of KCACTF.