Apprenticeship Spotlight: Navigating the Global Art World

By Susan Gettlin | January 21, 2017
By Jeremy Kramer ’15

Over the course of a semester I worked with Dr. Jill Pederson, Assistant Art History Professor, on her long term project, a forthcoming publication called Circles of Friendship: Leonardo da Vinci and the Academy in Renaissance Milan. With the book in the last stages of being written, my job was to research images with the goal of purchasing them as well as the rights to reproduce them in the final publication. This requires contact between numerous image repositories based not only in the United States such as The National Gallery in Washington D.C., but also around the world. This reflects my experience as an Arcadia University student who has studied abroad twice during his college career.

Having studied in Paris, France for a semester, I am capable of using my language skills to contact repositories based in France such as the Bibliothèque de l’Institut de France and the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Contacting institutions such as The British Museum, a place I havve visited while studying abroad, shows me that my studies have been quite experiential and that the term “global” doesn’t only apply to business or politics. While the task of purchasing images for publication does not seem like the most illustrious of duties, I have pride knowing that I am learning about a world behind the face art history that is very important to understand for anyone affiliated with the art world, whether it is contemporary or classic. I have no doubt that having this practical skill will help me in my future studies in art history and in my career aspirations.