Computer Science Students Take Notes from R&R Voice and Data Expert

By Purnell T. Cropper | October 11, 2012

As part of President Oxholm’s initiative to have companies from which Arcadia buys goods and services give back to the Arcadia Community, Chief Information Officer Steve Alter arranged for Ray Miller, the owner of R&R Voice and Data, to be a guest lecturer to the students in the CS227: Networking Essentials class. In addition to the CS227 students, other interested computer science and computer technology majors attended the class on Sept. 19. Miller lectured and provided a hands-on exercise on network infrastructure installation and cabling technologies.

Miller’s talk gave students real-world insight about related content they learned from the textbook. Students learned the overall structure of the campus network and best practices of network installation and structured cabling. They observed various hardware devices used for switching and cabling and also participated in terminating their own Gigabit-Ethernet cables. At the end of the testing, every one’s cable passed the test.

Miller is an expert in network infrastructure implementation. He and the R&R team has been an implementation partner for Arcadia University for more than 10 years. Through Marc Rocque, Director of Network and Information Security Services, Miller was invited to the CS227 classroom. He enjoyed the experience and said, “The students were great. Getting them involved definitely seemed to spark their interest. I believe they all gained a better infrastructure understanding.”