Dan Moher Translates M.B.A. into New Role for Fortune 500 Company

By Purnell T. Cropper | February 5, 2010

By Sarah Schwartz ’10

“When asked for my input, I have to be confident with the evidence I use to make my recommendations,” says Dan Moher ’09M.B.A., who reports directly to the Chief Strategy Officer of a Fortune 500 Company. “I need to provide the best decisions possible. The Arcadia M.B.A. program gave me the tools to do so.”

Moher is a Marketing and Event Specialist for the Credit Union Division of Fiserv, a company that provides information management and electronic commerce systems and services and has operations in more than 17 countries worldwide.

“I really felt drawn to the Arcadia M.B.A. program because of the condensed schedule, one night a week on campus and the international business experiences I would partake in during the course of study. Other local area programs were longer, more expensive and didn’t include the dynamic global experience that I had the pleasure of witnessing.”

His experiences in Costa Rica and Ireland benefit him daily. “In my career, I take the experiences that I witnessed in the countries visited as well as what I learned in the classroom when making informed decisions in everyday operations,” he says.

Moher particularly enjoyed the benefits of Arcadia’s unique cohort model, which consistently invites business leaders from throughout the Philadelphia area to speak about their specific areas of expertise. And having 20 fellow business professionals in the classroom, Moher notes, provided the advantage of networking with classmates and getting to know them and their jobs and industries. “It provided a competitive academic environment, always trying to one up each other class after class, presentation after presentation.”

Since graduating, Moher has been chosen to be part of an initiative that creates a single image and marketing approach from a holding company with numerous individual business units. He adds, “While a great learning experience, I might not have been chosen to be a part of this initiative without my skill-set and confidence as a result of the M.B.A. program.” It seems Moher has the competence and competitive edge to take his clients anywhere they want to go.